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    by Karl Egbert | Apr 09, 2013

    ATEC/Indirex provides the world’s most environmentally friendly cooling technologies that utilize the world’s oldest and safest cooling refrigerant – WATER.

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 Newsletter: January 2012

A Happier New Year with HydrEVAP Evaporative PreCoolers Savings!

* Increase Energy Efficiency by 20%              

 *Increase Cooling Capacity by 15%

 *Significantly Lower Head Pressure

 *Extend the Usable Life of AC Systems

*Save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, we thought we would inform you of our evaporative precoolers. 

We supply only the highest quality, custom-built PreCoolers while ensuring an affordable price, thus providing you with the best value available.

 Here are a few aspects that make the HydrEVAP top of the line:

  •   Stainless steel (grade 304L) housing with easy access to the media and water system for long life and low maintenance.
  •  Removable stainless steel top panel with easy media removal for access to HVAC condenser coils/compressors.
  •  6" deep rigid media, higher quality, long lasting CELdek evaporative cooling media.
  •  Fill and drain connections, designed for your layout.
  •  Integral recirculation water sump, low cost fractional HP pump.
  •  High quality, Long lasting TIG, and spot welds.
  •  Water distribution system, flow control, and bleed off valve to minimize maintenance concerns.

It is also important for you to check with your local energy provider, most places have great rebates for energy efficient decisions! 

Harness the Power of Water:  Save Energy and Boost Efficiency

By simply adding the HydrEVAP PreCooler section to coil of an AC condenser, you will save energy, as well as money.  In fact the average payback of a PreCooler is less than five years, which does not include rebates that may be available by your local power company.  The lifetime of your AC system will also be extended because your energy consumption drops 20%, yet your cooling capacity increases by 15% which in turn decreases the "peak load" demand!  The HydrEVAP specializes in saving energy and boosting efficiency.  If you would like to know more about the HydrEVAP or would like us to run you a quote please call 303-816-7075 or visit our website   

HydrEVAP Evaporative PreCooler Air Force Academy
Evaporative Cooling Media / Pads

NewsLetter: October 2011


Great Time to Winterize Cooling Equipment 


Some of your evaporative cooling equipment may be situated such that it is not susceptible to seasonal freezing, but if your equipment needs to be protected from freezing during the winter season, here are some useful tips:

  • Drain all water from the sump and water distribution system.  Since the media pads work as an air washer  to remove particles from the air stream, you may need to clean (and disinfect if required) the sump.
  • Ensure that the Munters CELdek, GLASdek or Kuul Pads and sump are completely dry.
  • Clean (and disinfect if required) the water distribution system - especially the holes in the header.

This is a great time to check the media pad condition.  Clogged, non-rigid, worn-out pads can cost you Money, Energy, and Performance.

Munters CELdek and GLASdek and Kuul Pad manufacturers design the pads to have an average life span between 3 and 5 years when maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations and used during a typical cooling season of 6 months/yr.  This life expectancy may be lower in severe applications (improper pH, high mineral content in water source, no dry-out times or high particulate and biological fouling) or the life expectancy may even exceed 5 years if the system is very well maintained in an optimal environment (proper pH, good water distribution/flushing, etc) Contact us anytime, we would be glad to help you out in maximizing the return on your investment in Evap Pads!



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