HyBrid Cool Tower Evaporative Cooling

Hybrid Cool Tower Evaporative Cooling

Hybrid Cool Towers Magic Formula:

Evaporative Cooling + Solar Power =

The Ultimate In environmentally friendly Cooling with Energy savings


Key Benefits:

    • 50,000 cfm Air Flow

    • Reduces Air Temperature up to 25ºF

    • Environmentally Friendly Evaporative Cooling

    • Solar Power Fan - for when the Cooling is needed most

Great Applications:

    • Amusement Parks

    • Outdoor Shopping Malls

    • Outdoor Playgrounds and Parks

    • Downtown Corners

    • Any outdoor area where you want the people to spend more time and money



PDF Download: Hybrid Evap Cool Tower Literature

Take the theory and success of the COOL TOWER applications like the ZION'S NATIONAL PARK VISITOR'S CENTER and apply it in a single package to your outdoor area


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