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Data centers

The Future is in DataCenters

Are you ready to replace?

In this new age of technology and innovation data centers have become critical parts of our world. From the memories we make to the work we do. Data centers are the archives for our lives. It is imperative that they continuously operate and have the right environment to do so.


We have all experienced that moment with technology when our devise overheats. Maybe it was when you were driving through an unknown area , your music is playing, your GPS is actively giving direction, and just as you come to the most unknown part of town, that little warning tells you your phone has overheated. You then frantically put your phone up to the air conditioner, or on the window, and in some cases of desperation you hold it out the window. Or maybe its your computer, whatever the devise we have all experienced overheating.


Your small phone or laptop is one thing but what about an entire data center filled with computers and advanced technology? They put off lots of heat and cooling has to be applied to maintain a proper working environment, unfortunately you cannot put a data center out the window.

Smartphone Holder


What is the cooling solutions for data centers?

Evaporative cooling is not only the best way to cool data centers it is also the most efficient and energy friendly way. 

Data centers need cooling but they also need to maintain certain levels of humidity to keep down the static electricity. 

Evaporative cooling offers the perfect solution with systems specifically engineered for data center standards. 

We distribute the top brands in fiber-glass medias to ensure that fire rating standards are met. 


Why is replacement so important? 

As we become more advanced in technology so do our data centers. Data centers are crucial to our daily life and our daily business. It is imperative that they keep operating non-stop.


That is why regular media and equipment checks are necessary and when replacement is required no time can be wasted. 

It is important that media is replaced often in data center because of their continuous running nature and their need for efficiency. Old media will cut down the efficiency and cost more to keep running.


How does this effect the evaporative cooling industry?


Data centers have become a leading application in evaporative cooling. With the need to maintain continuous operation for this application we have seen amazing new advancements in evaporative cooling and in efficient cooling. 


There is no doubt that evaporative cooling is the greenest and cleanest way to have a cool day where data centers are concerned.  

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