How do you have a cool day?

See all the ways Evaporative Cooling affects YOUR everyday life...

Data Centers
Data Centers
When was the last time you are a potato? Chances are that potato was cooled and humidified by evaporative cooling products and systems.
Green Houses
What about your vegetables that you eat?
They are cooled in greenhouses by evaporative cooling.
Military and Government
We are proud to support our military and distribute for companies like Port-a-Cool that help keep our troops cool.
Many automotive shops and factories are cooled by evaporative cooling.
PreCooling at buildings like this one help to reduce energy costs and add to more efficient cooling.
Most of the school districts here in the United States use evaporative cooling to keep your kids cool at school.
Who doesn't love horses? Many barns and equestrian facilities use evaporative cooling to keep their animals cool, as well as purify the air.
Let's get to the meat of evaporative cooling use. Many farms where our beef and pork come from use evaporative cooling.
Show Animals
For those who show. We sell many coolers to those who show.
Office Buildings
Could you imagine working in the dead of summer without cooling? Especially in places like Phoenix, AZ. Many office buildings are cooled with evaporative cooling.
Chicken Farms
When was the last time you ate and egg or had a nice chicken breast? Chances are that chicken or that egg came from a chicken farm cooled by evaporative cooling.
Events and Fairs
Next time you go to a summer event or a summer farm, keep your eyes peeled for the portable evaporative cooling units around you.
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Show Animals

For those who show. We sell many coolers to those who show.