Media Damage and Shipment Receiving 

Unfortunately, damage does happen when dealing with media. It is very important to make sure damaged shipments are treated correctly. That will help you to have less headache if damage comes your way. We have put together this page to help you if you find yourself in a damaged situation. Download the damaged shipment sheet for in-depth help and frequently asked questions about damaged shipments.  

First off Let us begin with the golden rule of damage... ALWAYS ACCEPT shipment! Here are our 5 steps of receiving damaged orders... 

1. Inspect the shipment for damage such as punctured or torn boxes, or crushed corners or box sides 

2. DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT! Accept the shipment from the freight carrier, however, do not sign the delivery receipt until you have noted the damage to the product boxes or pallets on the delivery receipt. 

3. If time permits, open the product boxes or pallets to inspect the individual pieces contained in the boxes while the freight carrier is still present. Note the total amount of individual pieces damaged during freight on the delivery receipt along with the notation above of the damaged boxes. 

4. If you are filing the freight damage claim (all 3rd party billing and collect billing shipments): you will need to fill out the freight damage claim form and supply a copy of your product invoice for re-imbursement for your product. We will send your replacement products under a separate purchase order which you can use as the product invoice for the freight company. 

5. If ATEC/Indirex is filing the freight damage claim (Pre-Paid Shipments): Send a copy of your signed deliv-ery receipt noting product damage as mentioned above and an inventory of the specific pieces damaged dur-ing the shipment. Please also include pictures to show punctures or tears. You can email the information to . ATEC/Indirex will send out your replacement product and file the necessary freight claim form. 


Regardless of who is filing the claim, damaged material must be stored in your warehouse until the freight claim has been resolved. The freight company has the right to pick up the damaged material for salvage. 

After the freight claim has been resolved you may dispose of the product. 

Click here to download our Media Damage Guide.

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