MegEVAP Maximum Quality Portable Evaporative Cooler

Lots more Cooling&Quality for just a little more Cash!

Portable Evaporative Coolers with Maximum Advantage 

    •  Stainless Steel Water Section
    •  12” thick, High Efficiency, Evaporative Cooling Media

(Traditional Portable Coolers have only 6” thick media  Thicker Media = More Cooling)

    •  Galvanized Fan Blades
    •  Galvanized Fan Section
    •  Heavy Duty Construction makes this unit ideal for Hanging Applications.
    •  Built for your Toughest Environments

 Inlet Air Filters (optional on some models) pre- filter air to minimize sump maintenance

… with all the Advantages of Portable Evaporative Coolers:

Cools as much as 30°F to  35°F with only water and a 110 Volt outlet

    •  Energy efficient
    •  Environmentally friendly
    •  Improves indoor air quality
    •  Increase worker productivity
    •  Low Operational Costs (Normally 10-20% that of an AC system)

Performance Advantage:

Typical 48” fan portable cooler: 71°F supply air temperature or cooling capacity = 360,000 btuh

Maximum Quality Portable Cooler: 64.5°F supply air temperature or cooling capacity = 407,000 btuh

* based on an ASHRAE design day in Denver, Colorado


PDF Download: MegEVAP Quality Portable Coolers


Model Information:

Model                     Fan      Air Flow        Unit Dimensions         

MegEvap EC-50   50”      20,000 cfm    81h x 72w x 41d 

MegEvap EC-48   48”      15,000 cfm    72h x 64w x 41d 

MegEvap EC-36   36”        8,000 cfm    60h x 52w x 36d



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