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Cooling Resources 

On this page you will find all of our install and start up guides as well as all our frequently asked answers.

Charcoal Halloween Social Media Graphic.
Ordering Media 

Click here to learn more about bout to measure and order media

Media install

Click to learn more about how to install your media and overall tips for startup. 

Media Replacement

Click to find out more about when to replace your media and why it is important to check your media often.

Media Maintenance 

Click to learn more about media maintenance. We will go over hints to help media last longer and water facts and tips.

Media Damage 

Click to know what to do if your media arrives damaged and to learn more about what is considered damaged and no longer usable media.

Fiberglass & Cellulose media

Click here to learn more about the differences between the materials that make media.

Media Coating

Click here to find out more about media coating and what it is and when it is used.

Shutdown & Startup

Click to learn what to do with your equipment and media as the seasons change. 

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