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Munters GLASdek GX30

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High Evaporative Efficiency Media


Low Pressure Drop

Algae and Weather Resistant

Fired-Rated according to UL®900, ULC-S111 Class 1

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

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Made from a flame retardant material fortified with special rigidifying agents

Media choice where strict adherence to fire codes is required

Shallow, unequal angle flute design allows high velocity air flow with minimal resistance and water droplet carryover

Resists clogging caused by dust, sand or other debris

Self-cleaning design directs more water towards the air entering face of the media to flush away dirt and debris

Unique cross fluted design with unequal angle pads induce highly turbulent air and water mixing for optimal heat and moisture transfer.


TUFedg Protective Edge

       *Expands life of media

       *Algae and weather resistant

For extended service life, Munters offers the

option of TUFedg.  A tough and resilient edge

treatment which is applied to the air entering face

of GLASdek media. It has been formulated to

withstand repeated cleaning without damaging

the media.

Munters TUFedg is non-porous and quick drying. It prevents algae and minerals from anchoring themselves into the substrate of the media, so that the contents fall off when dried.  TUFedg also protects GLASdek media from damaging effects of severe weather and long term exposure to UV light.  This protective edge coating extends the life of the media over that of non-treated media.

If you would like to learn more about media coating check out our coating page: