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  • How do I order media for my equipment?
    Pulling out pieces is highly recommended to ensure accuracy of measurement. Measure depth, width, and height of each piece. You can also measure the space in your equipment that the media needs to fill. Watch the video for a full explanation and/or CLICK on the image below to see our how to order page.
  • How do I install my media properly?
    The 45-degree angle should be pointing into the airflow. Both manufacturers have put indicators on the media to help when you install. Make sure all your pieces fit together snug to allow even water distribution and airflow. For our full install guide and other install tips Click the photo below.
  • What is this thin long piece of media with my order? (Distribution Pad)
    Distribution pad allows water to evenly distribute over the top of your bank of media (grouping of media). The distribution pad always goes on top. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • When do I replace my media?
    3-5 years is a general estimation. Of course depending on water quality, environmental conditions, and/or other factors can shorten or lengthen the media lifespan. Some telling signs could be scale build that can not easily spray off of soft or mushy media. You can also measure the pressure drop anything above .45”w.c. is time to replace. It is crucial to replace your media to help with your equipment and efficiency. Media is much cheaper than equipment! CLICK the photo for our most recent blog on replacement. You can always send us pictures of your media and we can help you determine the life of your media at CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • Why does my media smell?
    New media does have a start-up smell. Running a few cycles will get rid of the smell. If you notice that the media smells overtime: take your media out spray it off and let it dry. Old media can smell and be a big indicator of replacement time If you ever have any questions about the smell of your media, we are here to help troubleshoot. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE You can also email us at or call us at 303-816-7075
  • Should I use a water softener?
    Soft water has chemicals that will break down your media and shorten the life of your media. It will become soft and mushy because of how the soft water reacts with the glue that holds the media together. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MEDIA & WATER
  • What if I have hard water?
    Hard water can cause build up but regular cleaning will help. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR WATER & MEDIA PAGE You can also purchase tablets that help with build up. For ordering details please email or call at 303-816-7075.
  • Should I use chemicals in my water for my media?
    It is not a great idea to use chemicals with your media, especially bleach. When you use chemicals it can break down your media and make it soggy and mushy. It will also shorten the life of your media. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON OUR WATER & MEDIA PAGE
  • Fiberglass media vs. Cellulose paper media?
    The fiberglass made media is used by many companies that need fire rated material. The fiberglass design is fire resistant, UL-900, and will pass the needs for fire rating. The cellulose paper made media is the same as far as design elements go, but is not fire-rated. This media is less expensive and can be used in applications that do not require fire rating. Click here for videos and more about material differences
  • What is edge coating and should I use it?
    Edge coating also known as MiT-edg or TuF-edg is a coating is dipped onto the media to help with durability. It gives an outer layer on the side of media that gets the most exposure and can help with media durability. Click here to see our coating page
  • What do I need to do with my equipment when it gets cold?
    Here is a short video on shutdown. We also have a blog post dedicated to seasonal shutdown. Here are some quick tips to remember: -Take out your media and wash it, then let it dry -Clean out your unit and let it dry -Turn off and check all equipment inside, Ex: pumps, sumps, headers. etc. -Once dry, put it all together and store safely until next year
  • What do I do if my media comes damaged through shipping?
    Do not refuse the shipment. Most of the time it is only a piece or two that is damaged. Note the damage on the delivery receipt and make sure you keep damaged material until the claim has been paid. For more details, please click on the form below. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • The driver rushes me to sign the delivery receipt and I don’t have time to inspect the material, what should I do?"
    On the delivery receipt, write, “3 crushed boxes, individual pieces to be determined per inspection.” For more info: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • My customer did not note damage on the delivery receipt, can we still file a claim?"
    Yes! If it is under ATEC/Indirex’s account, let us know as soon as you can and we will have a freight representative go out to the facility and inspect the material to get the claim started. If it is under someone else’s account reach out to them or the freight carrier you are working with. For more info: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • Is there a time that I should refuse a damaged shipment?
    No, even if all the material appears to be damaged, still accept the order. Many times there will only be a couple of pieces damaged. Refusing an order takes a very long time for you or your customer to receive replacement pieces. More info: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
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