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Munters CELdek

Evaporative Cooling/Humidification Media


Excellent cooling efficiency due to the unique design, manufacturing methods and materials used

High face velocity allows the air to travel through the media without water droplet carryover

Low pressure drop allows the high velocity air to travel through the media without significant resistance

Self-cleaning design due to steeper angle of unequal flute design, flushing dirt and debris from the surface of the media

Simple to maintain due to the fact that in most cases, routine maintenance can be performed while systems still are operating

CELdek Evaporative Cooling Pad

CELdek evaporative cooling media is designed to provide maximum cooling, low pressure drop, and years of reliable service. It is made from specifically engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration and meets the UL Environmental GREENGUARD GOLD certifications and emission standards.  It improves the indoor air quality for both humans and livestock. The cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the beneficial mixing of air and water for optimum cooling. This unique design also functions to continually direct more water to the air entering side of the media where the air is the hottest, driest, dirtiest, and where the most intense evaporation occurs.  

Cellulose 7.png
Munters MI-T-edg Media

MI-T-edg Protective Edge

*Gives you longer life
*Stronger resistant against harsher environments 

MI-T-edg by Munters is a tough and resilient optional edge treatment applied to the air entering face of the CELdek media. It has been formulated to withstand repeated cleaning without damaging the pad. MI-T-edg is a nonporous and quick drying edge treatment. It prevents algae and minerals from anchoring themselves into the substrate of the media, so they fall off when dried. It also offers additional protection to the CELdek media from the damaging effects of severe weather and long term exposure to UV light.  MI-T-edg protective edge coating extends the life of the pad over that of non-treated pads.

Check out our media coating page to learn more:



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