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Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

Available with AccuShield technology

Select products available with Mechanical Assembly technology

Brentwood Cooling Tower PVC

Fill Media

* Highest Thermal Performance

* Available in various sheet

spacing and thickness, and

flute design

Brentwood Crossflow Cellular Drift Eliminators:

* Maximum Drift Removal

* Steep drainage angle

* Mechanical assembly

*Seamless panel installation

Markets: Commercial, industrial, and cooling towers

Brentwood D15 Crossflow Drift Eliminator

* Application requiring low horsepower

* UV Protected

* 12 inch or 24 inch widths (up to 10 feet)

* 30-mil stiffener

* Drift Loss .003%

* Available in 10 mil or 15 mil sheets

* Flat or Nesting sides

* Available D15 PERF specifically for

* Gas Turbine Inlets


* Prevent water and other debris

from Cooling Tower

* Cooling water contained to

prevent icing and water damage

* Resistant to rot, corrosion, and


* Minimal light exposure

* 12 inch width (up to 10 feet)

PVC Products

Fill General Brochure 

Effective Cooling Temperatures

Brentwood Cellular Drift


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