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Your Perfect Climate 

  • Easy installation

  • Self sealing design

  • Excellent droplet separation

  • Overlapping design

  • Fast and watertight installation

Untitled design-13.png

Munters DRIFdek-IL

Mist Eliminators / Agricultural Control Systems | Commercial Air Cooling Systems | Direct Evaporative Coolers and Humidifiers | Complete Air Handling Units | Data Center Coolers | Direct Evap Space Coolers | Indirect Evaporative Coolers | Industrial Evaporative Air Coolers | Refrigerant dehumidifiers | Mist Eliminators


DRIFdek-IL modular interlocking drift eliminators offer easy installation, self sealing design and excellent droplet separation. The overlapping design makes installation fast and watertight. No caulking or weather stripping is needed between the modules.

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