Ordering evaporative cooling media

Below you will find videos, downloads, and informations on how to properly measure and order evaporative cooling media. 


How to Measure Media


Media is measured Depth X Width X Height

Referring to the photo, you will see single piece of media that measures:


12 inches Deep X 12 inches Wide X 60 inches High.


We always quote media in this order:

Depth X Width X Height


For best service we recommend following this industry standard.


How to Measure Distribution Pad:


(Diagram on left) Distribution pad is measured a little differently. It is measured

Depth(thickness) X WidthLength

When distribution pad is measured it should fit the unit of media being ordered. See next page for example of ordering distribution pad with a whole unit of media.

Unit Measuring Example:


In the example to the right the full unit, or bank of media is measured, 12"D X 54"W X 44"H:

Media depth (D) = 12”

Media width (W) = 54”

Media height (H) = 44”


Media depth (D) = 12”: is a standard dimension

Media width (W) = 54” (next standard increment is 60”) The unit width will be made up of 4 pieces of 12” wide and 1 piece of 12” wide cut to 6” wide.

Unit media height (H) = 44” (next standard increment 48”) All media is cut to the specified height of 44” at no additional charge.


Distribution Pad:

For this unit the distribution pad would measure, 2"D X 12"W X 54"L


Distribution pad depth (or thickness):

Standard is 2" but there is a 3" distribution pad as well. Those are the standard options.


Distribution pad width:

In this it is 12" Wide to match the depth of our unit.


Distribution pad length:

This this it is 54" Long to match the entire width of our unit.



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Calculating Media Pricing

If we were to price our example unit above we would start with the regular media and go by cubic feet.

Media cubic feet = 12” d x 60” w x 48” h = 20 cu.ft. 1728 (the pieces would be cut down from standard sizes to fit the unit)..

Distribution Pad Square feet = 12”d x 60”L = 5 sq.ft. 144

(Note the 60” High piece of distribution Pad is cut to 54” High)