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Installing evaporative cooling media

On this page you will find videos, downloads, and tips for media installation. 

Factory Indicators:

Here at ATEC we only distribute the highest quality products on the market. When it comes to media we distribute both Munters and Kuul products. They have both done different things to help make it easier to make sure your media is placed properly. At Munters they have painted lines that help as indicators. On their Celdek products there is a red line painted on the product, on Glasdek a blue line painted. The painted lines are on the bottom of the media and when the media is placed in the unit properly they are meant to be on the bottom and pointing out. Munters also has a indicator on the side showing which way to point the media.

Kuul products also have an indicator sticker on the side of both their Kuul Pad and FirePro that helps point which way the media needs to be placed.