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Seasonal Startup & Shutdown 

As seasons change be sure to visit this page where we will go over tips and reasons for seasonal startup and shutdown. 

As seasons begin to change from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall it is important to follow the tips for seasonal startup and shutdown. These tips will help prolong the life of your media and your equipment and will help minimize damage that can be caused by the changing seasons. Below you will find videos, downloads, and written tips.

Drain & Clean: 

For both startup and shutdown it is important to make sure to drain any possible old water out and pull the media out and spray everything down really well. Before putting everything back together be sure to let everything dry out and go through the rest of the steps. 


Check your equipment:

Once you have pulled the media out and cleaned things out it gives you the perfect chance to check your equipment. Check your sumps and pumps to make sure they are functioning properly and clear of debris. Also, be sure to check the spraying headers and the entire water system. Sometimes the headers get plugged up and need to cleared out or even replaced.  

Check your media: 

Be sure to check your media often for any replacement needs. When media gets old it can end up costing you more money and affect your efficiency. Here is a short list of some things to look for in media that may need to be replaced:

-Smelly media 

-Sagging media 

-Mushy media 

-Hardening media 

-Chemical buildup 

For more on media replacement click to visit our media replacement page.


Replace when needed

Step four is for when you notice needs replacement. Of course you will want to replace as soon as possible to get up and moving in the startup season but shutdown season is also ideal for replacement, it gives you plenty of time to replace before things heat up again. Those who replace equipment and media in the off season often find better lead times due to the lower demand in the off season. 

(For Shutdown) Store properly

For seasonal shutdown it is very important to store your media and equipment properly. You may need to cover it or for portable units move to a dry secure place. When you store your unit and media in a safe and dry manor you will have much less ware as the elements move in with the colder weather. 

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