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Cellulose Paper &Fiberglass

On this page we will address the differences in the materials that make up the media or evaporative cooling filters.

With more than 50 collective years of experience in the industry of evaporative cooling we have heard just about every question concerning cooling. One of the most common questions we get is the differences in media materials. There are two materials used for making media, fiberglass and cellulose paper. With these two different materials we get a lot of questions about the names for the materials for ordering purposes and if the efficiency differs between the two materials.

Cellulose Paper


-Similar efficiency as fiberglass.

-NOT fire rated (as shown in the video above).

-Cheaper option for when you don't need fire rated.

Cellulose Paper names for ordering:


-Similar efficiency

-Certified to pass UL 900 standards

(fire resistance shown in video above).


Fiberglass names for ordering:  


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