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Here are just a few of the countless industries affected by evaporative cooling

Data Centers
Data Centers are the new frontier for technology and cooling. Click image to learn more about data centers and cooling.
Potato Storage
When was the last time you are a potato or even an onion? Chances are that potato or that onion was cooled and humidified by evaporative cooling products and systems. A lot of evaporative cooling media and equipment go into maintaining the perfect climate in many food storages across the world.
Evaporative cooling is used to keep hospitals running at optimum levels for comfort for healthcare workers and patients. We work hard to make sure replacements are up to date to ensure that hospitals run at a comfortable temperature level.
Medical Testing
Evaporative cooling and evaporative cooling media are even used in medical testing facilities. In fact evaporative cooling media was used in the COVID-19 vaccine testing to create the environment needed.
Do you enjoy eating vegetables or maybe you love buying new spring blooms for your garden?
Much of the vegetables and plants sold are grown in greenhouses around the world and you guessed it, they are given that perfect growing environment through evaporative cooling.
Military and Government
We are proud to support our military and distribute for companies like Port-a-Cool that help keep our troops cool.
Evaporative cooling is also involved in keeping you cool at work or even while shopping. Large warehouse and office facilities often rely of evaporative cooling to keep those inside comfortable.
Trade Work
We pride ourselves in being proud supporters of the trades that keep our world moving forward, from welding to electrical, those hard working folks are what keep our way of life moving. We are proud to help them stay safe by utilizing evaporative cooling to help them have the best environment for their hard work.
Most of the school districts here in the United States use evaporative cooling to keep your kids cool at school. It is vital for the learning environment to be a comfortable environment so we work very hard with local districts to ensure they have the replacements they need to keep their equipment running smoothly and keep your kids cool.
Who doesn't love horses? Many barns and equestrian facilities use evaporative cooling to keep their animals cool, as well as purify the air. One of our own customers had a horse who was sick with asthma, she used evaporative cooling create a better living environment for the horse which added healthy years to the horses life.
Let's get to the meat of evaporative cooling use. Many farms where our beef and pork come from use evaporative cooling to keep the animals cool through the growing process.
Show Animals
Even show animals use coolers to keep animals in a better environment for hair growth and meat development.
Office Buildings
Could you imagine working in the dead of summer without cooling? Especially in places like Phoenix, AZ. Many office buildings are cooled with evaporative cooling.
Poultry Farms
When was the last time you ate and egg or had a nice chicken breast? Chances are that chicken or that egg came from a chicken farm cooled by evaporative cooling.
Events and Fairs
Next time you go to a summer event or a summer farm, keep your eyes peeled for the portable evaporative cooling units around you.
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