How does Evaporative Cooling Work?

On this page we will talk about how evaporative cooling works and the principles behind why evaporative cooling is the best way to have a cool day! 


Evaporative cooling uses the principle of water evaporation to cool, no environmentally dangerous refrigerants, just cool clean water. Just like that cool feeling you got when you were a kid running through the sprinkler on a windy day.

The Evaporative Cooling Principle

Evaporative cooling has many factors, which are driving interest in this technology.  Among these are:

* Environmentally friendly Evaporative Cooling versus environmental concerns of refrigerants used in mechanical refrigeration.

* Improved indoor air quality through the air washing nature of evaporative cooling.

* Low energy usage versus mechanical refrigeration enhances your energy management and saves money.

* Low operational costs makes evaporative cooling a great alternative to traditional ventilation-only systems.

* Transportable Evaporative Cooling can reduce overall cooling requirements on systems which are struggling with capacity due to increased outdoor air or internal load requirements.