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Proven Safe / Healthy Evaporative Cooling Media

Chinese Toxic Toys, Toxic Drywall, Toxic Dog Food - What's Next Toxic Evap Pads?

Are you willing to gamble with your health and the health of your customers to save a few bucks?

How about the health of our planet’s environment?  Is it worth the risk?

There is a reason those Chinese import pads cost less—poor or nonexistent safety production procedures, no environmental protection rules for disposal of production chemicals, as well as Chinese labor practices.


But unlike the Chinese manufactured toys—Evaporative cooling pads don’t just sit in a corner of the room with their toxic levels of manufacturing materials—they are placed in an air handling unit with the air that you breath passing through them.  In fact, the pad is designed to optimize material-to-air flow contact for higher performance but if the pad has un-healthy levels of harmful chemicals than it ends up in the air that you are breathing every day.


These imported “toxic” pads come from the land of poor to non-existent quality and safety control—NO EPA REGULATIONS OR GUIDELINES.  While the pads we carry are manufactured with stringent quality control practices that follow the EPA’s strictest safety and health requirements.  The pads that we carry have been proven over decades of use to be safe for your customers.


 In fact, tests have shown that, compared to our well established pad manufacturers, some Chinese pads are manufactured with more than 300 times the regulated amounts of necessary components established by the EPA in the United States.


Check out the MSDS sheets yourself.  The MSDS sheets for the pads we carry are readily available for your review on our website— trying to get a valid MSDS sheet on any of the Chinese manufactured pads will be much more difficult!


Don’t take a chance with your health or the health of your customers—demand our high quality, proven healthy and safe, (Munters pads have over 35 years of successful application—Kuul pads have over 10 years)  high performance evaporative cooling pads.

Are your Evap Pads Safe - CEldek, Kuul, GLASdek?

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