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MegEVAP Maximum Quality Portable Evaporative Cooler

Lots more Cooling&Quality for just a little more Cash!


Portable Evaporative Coolers with Maximum Advantage 


 Stainless Steel Water Section

 12” thick, High Efficiency, Evaporative Cooling Media

(Traditional Portable Coolers have only 6” thick media  Thicker Media = More Cooling)

 Galvanized Fan Blades

 Galvanized Fan Section

 Heavy Duty Construction makes this unit ideal for Hanging Applications.

 Built for your Toughest Environments

 Inlet Air Filters (optional on some models) pre- filter air to minimize sump maintenance


… with all the Advantages of Portable Evaporative Coolers:


Cools as much as 30°F to  35°F with only water and a 110 Volt outlet

 Energy efficient

 Environmentally friendly

 Improves indoor air quality

 Increase worker productivity

 Low Operational Costs (Normally 10-20% that of an AC system)

Performance Advantage:

Typical 48” fan portable cooler: 71°F supply air temperature or cooling capacity = 360,000 btuh


Maximum Quality Portable Cooler: 64.5°F supply air temperature or cooling capacity = 407,000 btuh


* based on an ASHRAE design day in Denver, Colorado

MegEVAP Literature

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