Munters CELdek Evaporative Cooling Media

Munters CELdek

Evaporative Cooling/Humidification Media

Key Benefits

    • High Quality Cellulose Paper Product

    • High Evaporative Efficiency

    • Self-Cleaning Design

    • Simple to Maintain

Shallow, unequal angle flute design allows high velocity air flow with minimal resistance and water droplet carryover

Resists clogging caused by dust, sand or other debris

Self-cleaning design directs more water towards the air entering face of the pad to flush away dirt and debris

Unique cross fluted design with unequal angle pads induce highly turbulent air and water mixing for optimal heat and moisture transfer. 

MiT edg Protective Edge Treatment option available

    • Algae and Weather Resistant       Extends service life of the pads


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