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The man behind ATEC


Karl Egbert, the man behind ATEC. We all know him and love him for his brilliance, ingenuity, humor, and ultimate care for those around him and of course his infinite love for Disney.

Karl grew up near Golden, Colorado and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado School of Mines. During his time at Mines he did work helping design cooling systems for buses. Through that experience he found a love for the HVAC and evaporative cooling industry. 

After marrying his wife Cynthia, he started a company called ACKBERT with another great mind in the industry, Rob Acker. The company was bought out not long after its start. After a few years of working for someone else Karl and Cynthia decided they wanted to try and work for themselves once again. 


In 1998, just before the passing of his mother, Karl and Cynthia started ATEC/Indirex an evaporative cooling company that specializes in distribution and wholesale of evaporative cooling media and equipment. With their (at the time) two children and one on the way, they put it all on the line to be their own bosses, follow their dreams, and spend more time on what they treasured most, their family. 

Over the past 20+ years, Karl, Cynthia, and their four kids (Michayla, Malachi, Kodren, & Seviah) have seen ATEC grow to the successful business it is today, and have added many ATEC family members to the crew. Karl has become a well known, and highly respected, mind in the world of evaporative cooling, HVAC, and humidification. His studies and work has been published and he is a proud member of ASHRAE. 

In 2018, Karl's health started to decline and things became harder and harder for him to process. With this decline he started to step back from the day to day. In 2019, he went into full retirement and named Christina president of ATEC/Indirex and Cameron Vice President of Production. Thanks to our incredible ATEC family, our wonderful customers, and this ever growing industry we have carried Karl's dream into some of ATEC's best years. In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we at ATEC were hit with the hard news that Karl was officially diagnosed with Early/Younger-Onset Alzheimer's disease, the same disease that ultimately claimed his own mother in 1999.

The disease has certainly taken a toll, Karl has good days and bad days but through it all finds gratitude and joy in creating a business that can continue to thrive even in tough times with an amazing team of hard working people. Though Karl has not been involved in the day to day for some time he is still seen hanging out with the ATEC crew regularly down at our main facility. He spends a lot of his time with family and drawing cartoons. Some of his cartoons can be seen throughout our website and at his cartoon website His oldest daughter Michayla is over our marketing and acts as a part owner with Cynthia and the other three children. During summer break Kodren (his third oldest) comes and helps in the warehouse processing orders. Though deeply saddened by Karl's diagnosis the family is stunned and ever grateful for the care and support given by the community around them. 

Alzheimer's Disease is brutal in every way but having good people and a supportive family around makes all the difference. We have created this page as a tribute to an incredible man and as a way to reach out to our customers who are also part of this ATEC family, many have been impacted by the hard work and life of Karl Egbert. Many have asked how they can help, we here at ATEC have plans of helping further the research regarding Alzheimer's Disease. On this page is a donation button through PayPal which will allow you to donate and give to the fight to end Alzheimer’s.


There is also a message section on this page for anyone who would like to share a memory or message with Karl, he has a notebook of letters from people and any messages shared will be put into his notebook and shared with the family. 


We thank you all for your support and your years of friendship in this incredible industry. Here is to many more years of helping you to have a cool day! We will keep this page as up to date as we can as Karl goes through this journey. 

To learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and ways you can help in the fight you can visit the Alzheimer's Association website ( ).



We invite you to check out our ATEC team page for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 

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