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Media Materials- Fiberglass and Cellulose

Read along as we dive into the differences between fiberglass and cellulose media.

In our last blog we focused on measuring media for replacement and ordering. For this segment we will focus in on another important aspect of the ordering process, media material. We get a lot of questions about the differences between media materials and many may not know there are multiple materials used to make evaporative cooling media. Here at ATEC we offer different varieties of both cellulose and fiberglass media products. We offer the top media brands available in the industry, and strive to be your one stop shop for all media needs.

Media Differences:

Let's get down to the big question, what is the difference between the two materials?

What it quite literally "boils" down to is fire, the fiberglass made media is made of fire retardant materials and engineered to comply with fire rating requirements and standards, and is UL 900 certified.

Both the cellulose media products as well as the fiberglass media products are extremely efficient in design but some applications must meet those fire standards. To show the big difference we put both types of media to the test, the fire test! Check out our video for fiberglass and cellulose media fire test:

Due to the nature and make up of the fiberglass media it is generally more expensive than the cellulose media products so if you do not need to meet fire rating requirements cellulose is a great option.

Brands and names:

As mentioned above we pride ourselves on providing the top available brands in the industry. The brands we offer are known for their safety, efficiency, and exceptional quality. For Cellulose and Fiberglass medias we offer:


Munters media products:

We carry Munters media products

Fiberglass: Munters GLASdek

Cellulose: Munters CELdek-


Kuul evaporative cooling media products:

We carry Kuul Evaporative cooling media products

Fiberglass: FirePro Evolution series

Cellulose: Kuul Control series


Now that you know some of the differences between the fiberglass and cellulose media materials you have one more great tip for your media ordering. Both incredible materials engineered to fit any application's needs.

Please reach out at anytime for any more media materials questions!

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a cool day!

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