8 Signs of Media Replacement

When it comes to replacement every application is so different. The manufacturers suggest that you should replace your media about every 3-5 years depending on its application. Due to the fact that every application is different you should check your media often for replacement. We have put together a list of 8 Signs to watch for in media replacement.

As media ages it can start to sag or slump. If you check the media and it is sagging or slumping in the unit that is a huge indicator it needs to replaced. If it is slumping it is not getting the proper amount of airflow and not wetting out properly which is costing you more in energy usage.

We always suggest following media maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your media. One of these tips is to spray your media out Regularly. However, if you are cleaning regularly and you keep getting bad smells that do not disappear it may be time to replace.

Probably one of the most common things we see with older media is scale and particulate buildup. A lot of this buildup comes because of water treatment. If the buildup is getting to a point where it cannot be washed off or is hardening the media it may be time to replace.

As media ages it may become discolored, especially with lots of sun exposure. As it ages and loses its coloring you will probably start seeing some of the other signs. For applications with increased sun exposure you can always consider media coating.

Overtime media may start to shrink especially if exposed to heavily treated water. As media shrinks it will cause your unit to lose efficiency. It will also cause the media to lose in its functionality.