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Measuring Evaporative Cooling Media

Updated: Jan 12

In this blog we will go over how to measure your evaporative cooling media for replacement. We know that every application is different so here are some ways to help your ordering experience go smoothly and make sure you get just what is needed, so you don't find yourself stuck on a hot summer day with the wrong size of media.

Always label your media measurements
Depth X Width X Height

#1 The Dilemma of D x W x H:

When it comes to measurements, we at ATEC, use Depth X Width X Height and in that order. However, we recognize everyone does not record them this way, which is why it is important to label each dimension of the media when ordering or asking for a quote. This will help to minimize any confusion with sizing.

Do keep in mind that on all ATEC paperwork (quotes, acknowledgments, etc) we will always use

Depth x Width x Height.

#2 Measurements:

When measuring your media, you will need to take the pieces out of the unit to get accurate measurements (as shown in the video above). Removing the pieces will allow you to accurately measure the parts of the media that are covered by the unit itself. We have seen many instances where media had to be re-ordered because the pieces were not taken out and measured properly.

Here we have an example of a unit of media and how it is measured.
Media Measuring Example

When measuring make sure you get the Depth X Width X Height of the media. If you are ordering for a unit, be sure to share the full unit dimensions or quantity needed. If distribution pad is needed make sure to factor that in as well and let your distributor know.

Let's share an example to make it a little easier (see photo):

I took my media out and I have measured the media section of my unit. My overall unit dimensions for media are

12" deep x 54"wide x 44" high (46" high with distribution pad on top).

I will send my dimensions (and photos if I have them) to ATEC who will send me a quote for:

-4 pieces 12d x 12w x 44h

-1 piece 12d x 6w x 44h

-1 piece distribution pad 2dx12wx54L

***Don't forget: Sometimes really old media may shrink down as it gets older so make sure to check and account for any media sagging and shrinking. Measure the inside of the unit opening where the media goes as media that has shrunk may not give an accurate measurement.

#3 What material is needed:

Keep in mind that media comes in different material types including cellulose and fiberglass. We offer both media types in a variety of high quality brands. If you have an application that needs fire rated materials you will need to order the fiberglass media to comply with those standards. If you do not need fire rated, cellulose media may be your best fit. It is very important to know which material you or your customer need. For more information on media types check out our fiberglass & cellulose page:

#4 The Power of Quotes:

When in doubt you can always get a quote, in fact we recommend it! Quotes are a great way to make sure that your pricing is correct, according to the pieces we will need to use. Because we offer custom cutting, we may charge differently for certain cuts. For example, if you needed 20 pieces or 12d x 12w x 54h we would charge for 20 pieces 12d x 12w x 60h to help account for labor and scrap. When it comes to evaporative cooling every application is so unique and different, quotes can help ensure that you have the right pricing and get the correct material for the job.

#5 Beat the Long Lead times:

Summer can be very unpredictable, especially with lead times. That is why we always encourage early ordering. As a master stocking distributor, we do our best to have what you need in stock when you need it, but even we cannot perfectly predict unique sizing, pandemics, or supply chain. We always encourage customers to check their media often for replacement and get orders in when they know they need media, even if you don't install for a few more months. We will hold orders until they are needed onsite.

Thank you so much for reading and we hope you have a cool day!

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