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Evaporative Cooling vs. Air Quality

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

This past week the Denver area was named one of the worst cities for air quality in the entire world. This 2021 summer has been extremely hard on our air for a number of reasons, not only have we seen record breaking temperatures throughout the US we are also seeing these reports of bad air quality, primarily due to the many fires which are currently plaguing the west as we speak. With so much heat, dryness, and unclean air it makes it tough to work, play, and enjoy the end of summer.

Did you know that evaporative cooling cools and filters? When you look at how an evaporative cooler functions it uses water and air to create a low energy use cooling solution. Evaporative cooling media is that key component to offering this efficient cooling solution.

Evaporative cooling media, more than just cellulose or fiberglass!

When installed correctly water will flow down onto the evaporative cooling media as a powerful fan pulls outdoor air through the saturated media it goes through an effective method of cooling through evaporation. This special engineered corrugated material offers another attractive aspect and that is its ability to help filter the outdoor air it brings in. Being a filter the media offers aspects of air filtration as outdoor air passes through. So, when we have these extra smoky days evaporative cooling is actually helping you have better cooling. and cleaner air.

However, a little tip as we continue through these high temperature/bad air quality days, be sure to check your media for replacement. Just like any other type of filter, media replacement may be necessary to maintain the highest level of performance and that added filtration aspect. If your media is not ready to be replaced quite yet, you should continue using tips for media maintenance. This especially applies concerning the tip to spray down and dry out media often. Due to the fact that evaporative cooling media is a filter it will capture lots of debris from the outside air, washing it out regularly will help keep it clean and offer you cleaner and fresher air. Below are two links if you would like to learn more about media replacement or media maintenance:

Enjoy the rest of summer! Stay safe out there and breathe easy! Just another little way evaporative cooling can help you have a cool day!

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