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Cooling: A brief history...

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Evaporative cooling has been around since the beginning of time...

Ancient cooling

We cool like an Egyptian... Many believe that evaporative cooling started as early as ancient Egypt, if not earlier. Some say that to cool themselves ancient peoples would put wet cloth over windows and doorways so that air that would blow through and offer cool air. That is exactly how evaporative cooling works.

Cooling today

Today we are much more advanced in the realm of cooling, we do not use damp clothes anymore, but the principles and the recipe has stayed the same.

Water + Wind = Cool

It is as simple as that! We here at ATEC do our best to keep up with the changing world of evaporative cooling and offer you the most up to date information and equipment. Check out more of our website for a library of information on what is happening today with the growing and green evaporative cooling industry.

Thanks for reading and as always,

We hope you Have a Cool Day!

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