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Seasonal Startup!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Spring is in the air, flowers are budding, windows are opening, and things are warming up quickly! With the buzz of springtime comes the reminder to properly startup your evaporative cooling and humidification equipment. So we have put some tips together to help you with your seasonal startup!


When you open everything up or pull out your equipment it is a good idea to pull everything apart and give it a good spray down and cleaning. After a winter of sitting your equipment can be pretty dusty and dirty. Plus this gives you the chance to really look at the status of your equipment.


It is good to go through and check everything to see if everything is functioning correctly. Check the pumps, sumps, etc, that they are running properly and make sure to check the spraying headers too, they often get clogged and overlooked and can lower the efficiency of your equipment. Basically test everything to makes sure you are ready for the heat!


It is very important to clean out and check your media before you start up. Evaporative cooling media can last longer with proper care and cleaning. Remember that as you start up your equipment it is important to check your media for buildup and replacement. When your media is not functioning well it affects your equipment and productivity.

REPLACE OLD PARTS AND MEDIA! (Before it is too hot)...

Early spring is the time to make sure replacement is taken care of. You do not want to wait until the first 100 degree day before you replace any broken or old parts on your equipment. That is especially true for media. Evaporative cooling media is very important to your equipment and will help your equipment preform better and last longer, but only when it is cared for properly, and repacked when needed.

Want to know more about when to replace evaporative cooling media and what to look for?

Here is our most recent blog to help you know more about replacement: (

We hope you enjoyed this these tips to help with Seasonal Startup, if you have any other questions feel free to reach out at anytime!

Thank you for reading and watching and we hope you have a cool day!


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