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Proper Media Placement

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Hey there evaporative cooling users. One of the biggest questions we get here at ATEC is about proper media placement. It is very important to make sure your evaporative cooling media is placed properly in your unit for a number of different reasons.

NOTE: We suggest that prior to installation, the new pads be thoroughly washed with clean water to remove excess manufacturing cutting dust from the pad. If you are unable to wash the pads prior to installation, fill the cooler’s sump with clean water and operate the re-circulation water pump for a period without any air flow through the pads. Then prior to start-up of the fan, empty and re-fill the sump with fresh water. This will discard any manufacturing particles from the system.

On to why we need to place media correctly. When media is placed wrong it can throw off your water distribution and sometimes even make a mess. Sometimes it will even come through your airflow, no one wants that mess. Another reason it is important to install properly is to have proper water flow because of the efficiency and it can cause later damage to your equipment if not properly installed.

An even more import reason for proper placement is efficiency. One of the biggest benefits for using evaporative cooling is that it is so efficient. When proper media placement is not obeyed it can effect your efficiency and drop your air flow rates.

There are many reasons to have proper placement so let us discuss rules and tips on media placement.

Factory Indicators:

Here at ATEC we only distribute the highest quality products on the market. When it comes to media we distribute both Munters and Kuul products. They have both done different things to help make it easier to make sure your media is placed properly. At Munters they have painted lines that help as indicators. On their Celdek products there is a red line painted on the product, on Glasdek a blue line painted. The painted lines are on the bottom of the media and when the media is placed in the unit properly they are meant to be on the bottom and pointing out. Munters also has a indicator on the side showing which way to point the media.

Kuul products also have an indicator sticker on the side of both their Kuul Pad and FirePro that helps point which way the media needs to be placed.

45 Rule:

Thank goodness for our wonderful factories for making these indicators. We have even more tips to show you how to

place your media properly. Now we have the 45 Rule. All media has two of the more flat sides like you see in the photo. Look at that smoother side with the 45 degree angle. When you place your media point the 45 degree angle so that is is pointing up toward the air flow. Just like you see in the picture. Evaporative cooling media is engineered to fit together like a puzzle and fit close together.

NOTE: Due to the engineering of the media you need to have it fit together, if you find you do not have enough do not use other materials to fill in gaps. This is why we offer custom cutting at ATEC to help you fill the gaps for whatever your needs may be, to get the most from your media and your equipment.

Pencil Tip:

When the installation is complete, the media orientation may be checked by using a pencil.

Place your pencil into the media’s 45° angle flute. If the air flow is hitting you in the face, the pencil should be pointing upwards at the 45° angle. If the air flow is hitting you in the back of the head

as you face the media, the pencil should be pointing 45° downwards.

Distribution tip:

Let us not forget distribution pad and where its placement goes. Distribution pad is a small piece of media that helps to bring even water distribution for your bank of media. Sometimes we get folks who put their distribution pad on the bottom of their media bank, but that will take away from the efficiency and the purpose of the distribution pad. So just remember distribution is just placed on top of your media bank. Not everyone orders distribution pad and you don't have to have it. It does help with even water flow distribution and adds longer life to your media.

There are just a few reasons and tips for proper media placement. We hope this helps but if not, feel free to reach out at anytime with further questions. Keep in mind that every piece of equipment is a little different and the measurements may be different but the media always points the same way. Evaporative cooling media has been engineered for top performance and efficiency. When placed properly you get the top performance in air flow, water flow, and longevity. So basically what we are saying is, when you put it in right all it will do is save you, in time, money, efficiency, etc. Here is an informative video to help see media placement with our on site Port-a-Cool, plus a little fun to leave you s smile. Thank you to our little kitten star for making our video fun, he enjoyed every minute of the before and after cuddles!

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a cool day!

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