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Uncovering Media Coating

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Let us discover and uncover the reasons for media coating. Coating is an option when purchasing evaporative cooling media. Here at ATEC we are master distributors for the top brands of media on the market, we offer Munters and KUUL products. Recently we discussed the different materials used to make media. (To learn more about the differences between using fiberglass media and cellulose paper media follow this link for the blog on material differences

When it comes to coating each manufacturer has different names for their coated media;

Munters offers MIT-edg for their cellulose paper media and they offer TUF-edg for their fiberglass media.

KUUL offers their DuraPro for their cellulose paper media.

In this blog we will talk more about the questions we get about the coating option for media, and why it is sometimes used.

What exactly is this coating and why is it

sometimes used?

This coating on the media is dipped onto a side of a regular piece of media. For most cellulose paper media it is a black color coating and for the fiberglass media is is a light tan color. The side with the coating is more rough and hard. This coating is meant to help with increased durability. When installed it is placed in the unit facing outward towards the elements. When is comes to evaporative cooling and humidification there are hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. Each application is different and exposure to different elements. Sometimes an application will receive increased sun exposure, or weather in general. Perhaps a certain exposure will have an increased exposure to chemical or algae buildup. That is when this engineered coating comes in handy, it can help give longer life and efficiency to your media. When placed to face the elements this engineered coating will withstand a little more of abuse against the elements than regular media.

Obviously not every application needs this coated media but thanks to our manufacturers it is a great option to help prolong the life of your media, especially for those more exposed applications. Both regular media and coated media are equally efficient in their use but sometimes you may need that little extra covering. Just as always, remember that different applications have different needs.

That is not all, there are more questions we want to cover when it comes to coating. A lot of times when customers order media they order a piece of media called distribution pad. This piece is very long and only about 2 inches deep. This long thin piece is also coated and often very misunderstood. Sometimes it is thrown away because it is mistaken as scrap, other times it is installed incorrectly.

We want to help correct the distribution pad misinformation. When this piece is properly used it is placed on top of a bank or unit of media and it is meant to help give even water distribution. When used in an application correctly this little piece of media can help increase the efficiency of your media. It will help evenly distribute water to your entire bank of media and with that, help keep the whole bank working for you and your pocket. This piece is also coated to help give added durability and longevity to this effective little piece.

Bellow you will find a diagram and video to learn more about coating:

Well, we hope that this blog and video helps uncover some of the mysteries behind media coating. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime with further questions of to inquire about purchasing coated media for your application!

Thanks for reading and we hope you

have a cool day!

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