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What we offer?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Hey all and hope you are having a cool day!

We just want to go through some of the products we offer here at ATEC. We started out back in 1998 as a small family business and have done nothing but grow ever since. We work in evaporative cooling and love our industry! We have seen many changes and good things through our many years in the evaporative cooling industry, even more that the changes we have seen, we love the relationships we have built over the years. Together we have more than 50 years of collective experience in this industry. So the most important product we have is knowledge about all things cooling! We want to hear your questions! One of those questions we hear often is about about the products we offer.

Okay, what else is there to offer besides answers and experience?


Evaporative cooling media is our specialty. We are a master distributor for media. We only sell the highest quality, most efficient, and safest media on the market. We want to sell what will work best for you.

As far as media goes we offer Munters products as well as Kuul Products. They are the leading brands and have proven themselves time and time again with their performance.

We have both Fire Retardant media as well as cardboard built media. We sell Munters GLASdek as well as the newest product from Kuul; FirePro, both are fire retardant and will pass for fire code restrictions. For cardboard based media we see both Munters Celdek and Kuul Pad that offer a cheaper option. Both materials will give the efficiency needed for your evaporative cooling equipment.

Custom Work

Along with media is our devotion to our customers and their custom needs. We realize that equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and that everyone has different needs for their individual cooling situation. We are set up specifically to do custom cutting and give you the sizing that you need for whatever your project may be. Check out our page on all the "how to's" that will help you size and order evaporative cooling media:

Portable Evaporative Coolers

We do also proudly distribute evaporative coolers. We do sell and distribute for Portacool and offer their world renowned coolers. We also offer Megevap units. It has been exciting to see the advancements that have brought some of the best portable units to the industry. You can check out our products page to find out more about ordering portable evaporative coolers.


One of the most exciting things we offer is PreCoolers. PreCoolers are one of those great perks of the green technology that the evaporative cooling industry is known for. Precooler units are meant to help reduce energy costs and raise the efficiency of your cooling.

Well, there is just a brief summary of some of what we offer here at ATEC. You can always shoot us an email, phone call, or message on any questions you might have about what we offer.

Thanks for reading!

Have a cool day!

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