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Celebrating 25 Years

As we wrap up this 2023 year we celebrate another circle around the sun but also our 25th year in business. How grateful we are for the many wonderful folks who have helped us get to this monumental milestone. It has been a journey full of all sorts of emotions, touching moments, heartache, but ultimately a blessing in more ways than can be amply shared in a simple blog post. As we revisit our special story we thank you all for being a part of this epic adventure and look forward to a bright future within the ever growing industry of evaporative cooling.

It all started in a small mountain town in the foothills of Colorado by a man with a dream to break out of the corporate grind of travel and long hours away. He wanted to do something that would allow him to care for his growing family with flexibility and an opportunity to bless others. That man is Karl Egbert, the brain and heart behind the ATEC name. His wife Cynthia joined in the venture and together, with their two children (at the time). The growing family started their unforgettable journey. It was not easy, many nights of all hands on deck work, multiple warehouses, all to help grow this newly planted seed. In time the fruits of their labor would come forth and others would join the adventure, including two more Egbert children.

Karl would lead the way in carrying the ATEC name to many parts of evaporative cooling industry and make ATEC one of the largest wholesale master distributors of evaporative cooling media in the United States. In 2020 Karl was officially diagnosed with early/younger onset Alzheimer's Disease which would progress at a rapid rate and force him to step away from the business he worked so hard to build.

Despite the challenges and heartbreaks since the prognosis, ATEC has proven itself stronger than ever, thanks to Karl's wife, Cynthia, the Egbert children (some of whom still work for the company today), and our incredible ATEC team. This team has stepped up in the face of adversity, pandemic, price increases, supply chain shortages, and all other current day challenges and have excelled. As we celebrate this 25 year legacy we thank them for their devotion, our incredible customers, many of whom we have worked with since the very beginning, our manufacturers who have always put forth quality products, and to all who work hard to grow this incredible industry.

So here is 2024 and another stretch to the next big milestone and many years of helping you to have a cool day!

"If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney

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