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Reflecting on 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Well, we made it to the end of 2020, give yourself a pat on the back. As we reflect on this unique year, we find that one thing everyone can agree on is how interesting 2020 has been. There wasn’t a person or business that wasn’t somehow affected by the events of 2020, some worse than others. Our hearts go out to all affected so negatively by this year.

Though this year was a tough one for so many, there were some wonderful shining moments. As we as a work family reflect on this year, the word that comes to mind is gratitude. Gratitude for our amazing customers, this incredible industry, and of course our ATEC family. 2020 brought us a lot of great things, hard things, and growing. We are happy to say that 2020 has been a year of growth both difficult and wonderful. Thank you to those who have been with us through the adventure. As we share with you all our annual yearly wrap up, we want to share the good from this historic year.

We continue to watch the evaporative cooling industry grow in many ways, as they grow we grow along with the industry. The evaporative cooling industry continues to impact the world around us in positive ways, within hospitals, data centers, even in locations where the COVID-19 vaccine was being created and tested, as well as many other essential industries and locations. Continuing to make evaporative cooling the greenest, and cleanest, way to have a cool day! Usually, as we start to move into winter time we would be a little quieter but we have maintained a good speed as orders keep coming in, thanks to our awesome customers. We are a team of busy bees and like to keep busy and this year has certainly fulfilled those needs. Even among the busy and change we did manage to find time to laugh and have some fun.

Here at ATEC we greatly enjoy our legendary theme days and holiday celebrations. We love to celebrate here and 2020 was no exception. We even expanded some of our theme days and celebrating to include the families of ATEC. This year we were able to have a couple safe family adventures with plenty of social distancing and safe activities. With each safe theme day and event there was an added measure of fun and laughter.

As usual we wrapped up the year with a wonderful Christmas and holiday celebration which included a fabulous meal from a great local restaurant, delicious mocktails, white elephant gifts, beautiful nail painting, and heartfelt memories. Last year we shared with you all our wonderful experience visiting the Light the World Giving Machines in downtown Denver. Throughout this year we found other unique and different ways as a team to serve and give back to our community. We had a wonderful time with our usual visit to our local county fair and other community events. As a company we are proud of our team and their individual ways that they give of their time and talents to the service and benefits of others within the community.

2020 taught us all many things, including sometimes life just does not go as expected. Looking back at our year end post from 2019 none of us could have ever guessed what 2020 had in store but we made it through, together. As we wrap up this holiday season and look forward to a new year and new adventures, we remain full of hope, gratitude, and excitement for the future. We remain excited for what the future holds in the world of evaporative cooling and humidification and remain excited to help you and your customers with all your cooling needs. This is an incredible industry that is ever changing and ever growing and we are excited to see what this new year brings. As always, we remain committed to bringing you the best in cooling products and exceptional customer service.

As always,

We hope you have a cool day!

Here is to 2021!!

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