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First Ever ATEC Olympics

Most of the time we post blogs about evaporative cooling, information, technology, and everything else cooling related, but today we are going to shake it up with a community post. ATEC/Indirex was founded on principles of family and treating everyone from customer to employee like a part of the family. We have held to that standard for more than 20 years and are grateful for the relationships we have built through this ever growing family.

With a family atmosphere there needs to be some fun every once an a while. We have lots of random theme days and every once and a while ATEC puts on some sort of team building event. This year, as Christina mentioned in the "opening ceremonies" of our fun morning, has been a little crazier than usual. Business has been great but individual lives have been impacted by both good and bad. I am sure you can all relate with how life goes. It was time for a little fun as we enter the more quiet cold season. So this last Wednesday ATEC put on our own ATEC Olympics. It did just the trick to bring our work family together for laughter and lots of fun. From Blocky Balancing to Blocky Hockey we all laughed till we cried, and got a little competitive too.

Huge shout out to Christina who did so much to make sure everyone had a great time, and thank you to all the ATEC family who participated and made it so fun. There was much fun to be had that day as we commenced with our opening game of Blocky Balancing where things got tight but gold was eventually balanced into place. We then proceeded to Blocky Hockey where we saw the true competitive nature of the ATEC crew, things got dusty there for a minute but in the end Team Jane took all with a last minute goal and a push to gold. We also saw the ATEC team's mad skills with a Blocky Flip challenge with some flipping into medal places with only 2 of 4 tries. Blocky Bowling was sure a big smash, though I'm not sure any of us should bowl as a profession... just saying... But as the bowling proceeded to throwing evenually gold was struck and onto the next event we went. Media Dollar Store Plastic Knife Throw that left no one hurt and everyone sore with laughter. (Note: Dollar Store plastic Halloween costume knives struggle to stick into media). There was lots of battering and throwing and I'm not sure who even won but eventually all the scrap media was beaten off the wall and who cares, we had a blast doing it! Our final event was the Warehouse Worker Wrelay which ended in a huge loss for the warehouse team as the pallet jack took matters into its own hands and got wedged into the wood pallet... Oh well, we all have classy media shoes to wear around now. Shoot us an email and we can hook you up! Now that is one way to #haveacoolday

It was a blast and a half, best of all no one (or no usable media) got hurt! Winning all around!

We here at ATEC love to have a good time and we love who we work with. We are grateful for the community we have among our own within our Lakewood warehouse as well as with many of you, our customers, our distributors, and anyone who has had the privilege to work with the ATEC crew. Thank you for walking back through the fun that was the ATEC Olympics.... Check out this rather hilarious ATEC Olympic video for a good Friday laugh and as always...


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