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Seasonal Shutdown

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Everyone loves fall, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon. As you walk through the trees you see the colors changing and the sweet smell of cooler weather. In Colorado we are starting to wake up to beautiful mornings of white frost across the trees and bushes in the yard. What does this all have to do with evaporative cooling?

Well, it has a lot to do with cooling. With colder weather comes cold temperatures. With that comes the freezing weather and much less need for cooling. This is our yearly reminder to properly shutdown your cooling equipment. We realize it can be a weighted task of cleaning and no one loves to do it. There are some pretty great reasons why we should properly shutdown equipment though. Here are three good money saving reasons to clean out and shutdown.


When you neglect to shutdown your equipment it can cause a lot of damage to your equipment later on. We have had many reports over the years of people leaving their units full of water and finding frozen mess of broken equipment come spring. There can be lots of money lost when you leave equipment without proper shutdown.


Our main goal here at ATEC is to help you save money with less media re-placement and equipment re-placement. When you properly shutdown you add years to your media and equipment which in the long run will save you lots of money and add to the efficiency of your equipment.

Time and money:

It has already been mentioned a little already (okay, a lot) that shutdown will help save you time and money but it is so important to this case. We realize the time it takes to shutdown but in to overall it will save a lot more than trying to replace everything come spring.

If that isn't convincing I don't know what is. So, here are just a few things to remember when you go and shutdown your equipment.

1. Drain all the water to keep from freezing.

2. Clean out the media with fresh water and let dry.

3. Clean out spray headers to keep from later buildup.

4. Do an other all check up of pumps, sumps, switches, etc. Be sure to cycle clean water through system and drain properly.

5. Put all the dry parts together and store in a safe covered place (if possible)

Easy as 1-5 to help you get the most from your cooling equipment, not to mention it will help as spring rolls around again to make for an easy startup! We also have a video to show some of these tips as well. Thank you for reading our brief blog on seasonal shutdown. If you need anything else or have further questions please reach out at anytime!

Thank you and have a cool day!

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