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That's a Wrap and on to a New Decade!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

We want to start out by thanking everyone for another great year and want to share with you a little community and company fun as we wrap up 2019 and look forward to a brand-new decade. To start out, what a great summer season full of business. We have now hit the middle of the winter season! What a great winter we have had; we often slow down because let's face it: evaporative cooling just isn't as big in the cold months. However, thanks to many of you, our amazing customers, we have kept very busy and we are loving every minute of it. This really is the perfect time to prepare for summer and beat the summer heat and all the busy that comes with summer.

We love this time of year as a company and hope you all had a great holiday season. We loved our time as a work family as we celebrated the season and gave back to our wonderful community. For our Christmas together we went and ate together, laughed together, and then we had the cool opportunity to go to downtown Denver and visit the Giving Machines to buy things for those in need. We loved the whole experience as we looked through the menu of chickens, worms, diapers, blankets, meals, water, and even more. We had such a good time as a work family picking different items to give. Such a cool thing and such an easy way to give and be aware of others. As easy as using a vending machine! We also had a great time with a wrap up white elephant gift exchange, from dancing poop emojis, to man aprons, to sock helpers, it was a great time and a great way to share Christmas together and with others.

This whole year has been a wonderful year with new things and wonderful changes that will lead us headway into a great future of cooling. From new updates to our website and media to our wonderful customers, we truly are grateful. We have gained new people in our family and have seen others move to new great things. We worked hard and even had time to play a little and grow together as a work family.

Now we find ourselves on the brink on a new year and a new decade. We cannot believe that we have hit another year end, and not to mention another decade ending. What a year and what a decade it has been. We have loved every moment in the great industry of evaporative cooling. As we look back on this past year and the past ten years, we are overwhelmed with the incredible things that have happened in this amazing industry. We have all seen hard times but also great growth. We have seen new advancements and great ways to be more efficient. From the newer cooling within data centers, to the energy efficient pre-coolers, and so on. Things are on the rise in the evaporative cooling world.

We are about to wrap up this holiday season and look forward to a new year and new adventures in cooling. As always, we are committed to doing our best to help you save in time, money, and energy. We invite you to prepare now for the new year so that you can truly have a cool day. Go check out some of our new website updates from a frequently asked questions page to this blog. Learn more about how you can bring 2020 into focus and all the best ways to have a cool day! We look forward to the growth and the cool things to come in 2020!

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